General Conditions of Sale


Fares quoted normally include all taxes, except where taxes are collected locally at airport check-in.
Fares are only guaranteed when you have a booking reference.

Unrestricted First and Business Class Fares (l´Espace Première and l´Espace Affaires):
Changes of travel dates and refund are permitted without penalty. The revalidation of the ticket must be done at an Air France office and any refund by the issuing office.

Unrestricted Economy Class fares (Alizé, Tempo Challenge, Tempo):
Changes of travel dates and refund are permitted against a fee. The revalidation of the ticket must be done at an Air France office and any refund by the issuing office.

Restricted fares in First, Business and Economy class
are subject to limited availability. These fares may be subject to substantial restrictions such as an advance purchase requirement, a minimum and/or maximum stay requirement, penalties linked to changes (if permitted at all), infant or child´s discounts may not be available. Some restricted tickets (our lowest rates) are totally non refundable.

These conditions vary according to destination and period of travel. For more information on the conditions of the fare you are booking, please call Air France at 03 755 50 50

Booking on the site & payment method

The online booking system confirms your reservation if you enter your credit card information and click on "confirm my reservation".
If you do not enter any mean of payment, the online booking system will give you flight and fare availability without making a reservation.
You can make a booking and pay for your tickets online with an international credit card (American Express, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, EuroCard) up to one day before departure. The credit cardholder paying for the booking must be at least 18 years old .
By intrusting us with this confidential data (by internet), you accept that this data be held and used by Air France in accordance with the laws on protection of privacy.

Ticket delivery

Electronic Ticketing
1. Book your flight on-line at least 24 hours before departure. You can recognise eligible routes by the "E" visible on the Flight Avaibility page. The Booking Engine will automatically propose you an e-ticket if the route is eligible.
2. You will receive by e-mail the confirmation of your booking and your "itinerary receipt" when Air France receives the payment.
3. At the check in desk hand your customer identification (your Flying Blue, your credit card, your passport or your ID) to the check-in agent and receive your boarding card. You can also use our e-checkin service for certain eligible destinations and use our Self Check-in Terminals.

Please note our website does not propose paper tickets for an electronic ticket eligible destination.

Ticket use

The fare is applicable for a ticket used fully, in sequential order for the specified journey and on the specified dates. As outlined in the General Conditions of Carriage, any non-compliant use noticed on the day of travel may incur an additional fixed-rate fee at the airport for the amount of: €125 on short-haul flights (metropolitan France and Corsica), €250 for a medium-haul flight in the Economy cabin, €500 for a medium-haul flight in the Business cabin, €500 for a long-haul flight in the Economy or Premium Economy cabin, €1500 for a long-haul flight in the Business cabin and €3000 for a long-haul flight in the La Première cabin (or the equivalent in the local currency.)

Cancellation of remote sales transactions

According to the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, remote sale reservation may be cancelled within 14 (fourteen) days of the transaction date and not less than 7 (seven) working days before first flight departure. Cancellation of the booking and a claim for refund must be submitted in writing. In case the above conditions are complied with, a refund will be credited to the passengers' account less cancellation charge of 5% from the total fare of each ticket or NIS 100 per ticket, the lesser sum will apply.

Comportement à bord

Le Passager est informé qu'en cas de manquement à l'article 15 (Comportement à bord) des Conditions Générales de Transport et conformément aux dispositions de leur article 9 (Refus et limitations au transport), il pourra être inscrit sur la liste de personnes faisant l'objet d'une interdiction d'embarquer à bord des aéronefs du Transporteur en application de la délibération de la CNIL n°2016-240.
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