Teatro di San Carlo, Farinelli's splendid echo

Teatro di San Carlo, Farinelli's splendid echo

The lyric opera of San Carlo is a gold and silver shrine that instils opera scores with fresh radiance. Neapolitan magnificence.

Constructed under Charles of Bourbon and inaugurated in 1737, the San Carlo is Naples' most important theatre. It is also the oldest lyric opera house in Europe that is still in use.

The greatest castrati of Naples, including the famous Farinelli and Giovanni Carestini, performed here during the 18th century. Entirely destroyed by a fire in 1816, it was reconstructed in less than a year by the Tuscan architect and stage designer Antonio Niccolini.

With ballets, operas and concerts, San Carlo now offers a rich and eclectic programme. Yet, the show also takes place elsewhere than on stage: dressed in velvety red and gold, the beauty of this sumptuous hall is striking. The ceiling's fresco spreads over the six floors of boxes adorned with glowing flares.

There is no need for you to be an opera buff to appreciate the setting. Guided tours are organised every day (except Wednesday, reserved to school groups). Do not miss the opportunity to enter one of Europe's most illustrious art scenes!

Teatro di San Carlo
Via San Carlo 98
80132 Napoli

+39 (0)81 797 2331