Rafael, a trendy brasserie for dinner with the Lima elite

Rafael, a trendy brasserie for dinner with the Lima elite

Among the top 20 Peruvian restaurants, Rafael Osterling's establishment has the wind in its sails.

Between his cookbooks and his five restaurants in Peru and Colombia, Rafael Osterling reigns over an empire. His whole career is built on passion, talent, and the know-how forged by many professional experiences in Europe, notably in Paris as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu.

In Latin America, the Lima native has quickly made a name for himself thanks to an intuitive approach to Peruvian cuisine kindled by a few Mediterranean touches. His stronghold in Miraflores is a very fashionable brasserie, part Art Deco, part contemporary art. The menu highlights seafood and seasonal market choices.

Let yourself be tempted by the delicate flavours of grilled conches, prawn ravioli, roasted corn and mozzarella, and oven-cooked kid goat in milk, complemented by the fruity notes of Intipalka, a local white wine.

Restaurant Rafael
San Martín 300
Lima 15074

+51 (0)1 242 4149


Dishes: from 93 PEN