El Cordano: a unique address in downtown Lima

El Cordano: a unique address in downtown Lima

This institution from another era is one of the oldest breweries in Lima. It opened in 1905, close to the presidential palace.

Near what was once the central station, this historic house has preserved its original bar, tiles, and ancient woodwork.

Little has changed in the three large rooms, one of which was formerly reserved for women and children. Since opening a century ago, servers officiate in strict uniform and bow tie. Frequented by the high society of Lima and tourists looking for authenticity, it has received every incumbent Peruvian president of the last 100 years (they live just around the corner).

The menu never changes. The delicious Pisco Sour is perfectly paired with calamares salteados, sautéed calamari a la plancha, or the causa limeña , a typical Peruvian salad with potatoes, avocado, tuna or chicken; all dishes being served copiously. The must dish is butifarra, a baguette topped with ham, made before your eyes.

Restaurant Cordano
Jirón Ancash 202
Lima 15001

+51 (0)1 427 0181


Menu: around 70 PEN