Privacy and relaxation: on board, everything is designed to enhance your travel experience.
Your health and safety are our top priority.
The current health climate has forced us to adapt our services in airports, lounges and on board to ensure your safety and our compliance with the latest health and safety guidelines.
Wearing a surgical mask is mandatory at the airport and during your flight. We also ask that you practice social distancing whenever possible.
At the airport, hand sanitizer dispensers are available at your convenience.

Comfort on board

We designed a new seat to make your travel even more comfortable. This seat is available on all our Airbus 319 and 320 aircraft, and will soon be available on our Airbus 321 aircraft. Featuring leather upholstery and a headrest in Air France colors, the seat is ideal for work, rest or dining.
You can incline the seat back, adjust the headrest and raise the central armrests into the seat back. Your individual tray table, cup holder and coat hook enable you to settle comfortably into your seat for the duration of your flight.

In addition, the new seat is lighter, which helps us reduce our CO2 emissions.

For your safety, our cabins are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
The air is filtered and renewed every 3 minutes. Disinfecting wipes and hydroalcoholic gel are available in the cabin.

WiFi in the sky

On board aircraft equipped with WiFi*, you can stay connected to your loved ones, access your e-mails or even get some work done during your flight. Simply choose the WiFi pass that best meets your needs and connect to the Internet directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

* WiFi is gradually being installed on all our Airbus A320s.

We're always here to help

We are available to help make your trip a relaxing and comfortable experience. Are you traveling with children? We'll do everything we can to make sure your flight is fun for the whole family.
Discover the Kids app and admire your children's drawings in 3D!
Is your child traveling alone? Rest assured, our Kids Solo service is designed to ensure your child's safety and comfort. We provide continuous supervision and guide your child at every point in his
or her trip.
Please note: if your flight is provided by one of our partner airlines, certain Air France services may not be available on board or at the airport.

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